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Rebecca (9)

ebeccah is a Sudanese girl aged fourteen years. She lives in school. She is the last born amongst four children in her family.

Due to the civil wars in Sudan, her parents were killed. Those that were spared in their region ran for their lives. She was amongst them.

In the course of running for her life, she ended up in a group of people who were also looking for a safer place to run to. In that multitude, none of the family members was there.

hey were rescued and brought to Kenya in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Life became so hard for her because she knew nobody. She later met her aunt in the camp. Her aunt got lucky and moved out of the camp. She took Rebecca with her to Nakuru.

Being new in the country, settling down was too hard. Someone shared her plight with us and we took her. She was so traumatized that she had to undergo counseling because her parents were killed in her presence.

Unfortunately, she has never found her other siblings. We are now taking care of her and she has started coping with the situation.

wo months ago, the aunt she stays with went back to Sudan for a church mission but was killed during one of the raids by rebels in their village. She is now left with no place to call home. We are now making arrangements on where she will be living after schools are closed.

She is now in class five and doing so well. She is a promising girl with a lot of capabilities. At school, she is provided with;

Clothes and Shoes
Medical Services
Tours twice per term

e are trying as much as we can to bridge the gap left when she lost her family. She still has hopes of meeting her brothers and sisters.

She aspires to be a lawyer so that she can fight for the rights of the less fortunate members in the society.