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Eldoret & Lodwar regions of Kenya

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Robert (10)

obert is a thirteen year old boy from Turkana. He was born on 20th August, 1989. He lives in Lodwar at a village called Kanamkemer. He is the first born amongst six children in his family.

His father died six years ago at the hands of cruel cattle rustlers. Two years later, his mother died of starvation.

The children were left with their grandmother who is very old. She also relies on handouts for her to be able to feed the six grandchildren.

ue to difficulties at home, Robert decided to run away from home and became a street boy. It is from there that we met him. He also dropped out of school due to difficulties at home.

Due to lack of food, he was malnourished so we had to look after his health status until he recovered.

At the moment, he is in class four in a boarding school where he is provided with;

Clothes and Shoes
Medical Services

He is now a healthy boy who is trying to cope with his education because of his background. He aspires to be a doctor so that he will be able to treat the marginalized members of his community.