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Children with no name (9)

his is a painfully short story. The children in the first photograph were found like this, sitting beside the road, during the unrest and violence last New Year. They were hungry and thirsty, and totally lost. But look at the picture carefully. What a weight of responsibility sits on the shoulders, and shows in the eyes and protective arms, of the little boy nursing the baby. And his younger sister looks remarkably relaxed, sitting beside big brother as if to say, "He'll look after me." Surely no children should ever find themselves in this situation.

our orphaned children with no name

n the year since these photographs were taken, no one has come forward to claim, or even to recognise these youngsters. We have assumed that their parents were killed. So what has become of them? The kindly man you see in the second photograph said simply "I'll take them home, my wife and children will welcome and care for them". And they have. In spite of being poor themselves, this big-hearted family has extended love and care to three more children.

our orphaned children with no name, taken into a loving home