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Friends of Kenya's Children

Feeding & Educating children in the
Eldoret & Lodwar regions of Kenya

Registered UK charity 1116000

The Pastor (5)

ur partner "on the ground" is the pastor of the Eldoret church which has the responsibility for the orphanage in Lodwar He was one of 12 children raised in a poor family. He lived in a small mud house and was constantly hungry. At the age of 6 or 7 he left home, angry and bitter, to live on the streets, eating out of dustbins and getting by in whatever way he could. He was taken back home at the age of 11 and there followed a period of uncertain schooling interspersed with work, work, work for the family.

hen he became a Christian and was turned out of the home by parents who wanted nothing to do with his new-found faith. The Brethren at the school he had attended took him in and supported him to complete his education and training.

his background served him well on his first trip to Lodwar where he saw such poverty, adults and children walking around naked and children begging for food and water. His heart went out to them for he knew how much they were suffering from his own experiences.

he pastor has a big vision for the future. With the help of FKC and Good News Crusade his organisation has been able to buy the land in Eldoret and erect primary school buildings. He sees, in time, a facility where destitute local children and the abandoned orphans from Lodwar can be schooled on this site, with a primary and secondary school providing education to a high standard. A school to be proud of serving both the immediate community and the wider area of Eldoret. One day maybe even a clinic and a polytechnic, everything to hand on one site.