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Friends of Kenya's Children

Feeding & Educating children in the
Eldoret & Lodwar regions of Kenya

Registered UK charity 1116000

Margaret (7)

first met the pastor who is now our Kenyan partner, walking in the early morning at the Good News Crusade summer camp. In August 2003. He spoke about the Lodwar children and I was able to understand their plight, having lived on the copperbelt of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) for two years in the 1950's. Apartheid was the rule then, and we had a very good living, but our family helped our servants' families with extra food and clothing.

he pastor came to our group barbecue at lunchtime and was amazed at the amount of food we ate at one meal. The equivalent would feed his orphans for a week. I felt very humble. Sandra and I both gave him a gift at that time and we returned home determined to help. Sandra started the £1 a week fund, and I put all my energy into sorting, storing and packing goods for the container and joining in the fund raising activities at church.

n January 2005, thinking about the project while away at a church weekend, I saw in my mind's eye a picture of the earth surrounded by a rainbow. I was standing at the top of the picture, and below me were hungry African children standing in a green field. I wondered whether I should be visiting these children, but no, the words in my head were "Feed them." I agreed to be Chairman of the charity in order to further this work.

nd so, since that time, I have raised funds for the project by cake and card making, delivering the local free newspaper, collecting, storing and sorting jumble for sales and gifts for the Kenya stall at Fairs etc. And I spread the word about the charity whenever I can. I am passionate about the need to move the orphaned children to Eldoret, and so am working to swell the building fund.

rainbow of hope surrounds our small charity and now we have a website, news of it will circle the world exactly as in my picture in 2005.