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Feeding & Educating children in the
Eldoret & Lodwar regions of Kenya

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FKC Timeline (9)

August 2007

KC's first annual General Meeting. The pastor visits Derby for this event to bring an update on the work. He reports that the Eldoret school is progressing well, great need is now for a dining hall and kitchen and further classrooms for the school .

Reports that a difficulty may arise in Lodwar in that new Government rules require all orphanages to have a prohibitive sum of operating capital. Plans made for the future that would avoid having to abandon the children, provided the pastor can obtain the cooperation of the relevant officials in moving towards a solution over a period of time.

November 2007

uilding programme to improve and develop the school in Eldoret begins. Good News Crusade is to fund a classroom in memory of Heather Double, Co-Founder of GNC. FKC agrees to fund dining hall and kitchen. Pastor says that four classrooms, dining hall and kitchen can be achieved if funds are pooled - obviously the right way forward, all agreed.

Building work at FKC's school in Eldoret

You can see the 2008 building work photos here

Government officials agree an "amnesty" on the need for large operating capital for Lodwar orphanage. This provides breathing space for proper plans to be made. Everything going well.